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About User Mode Hook

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About Shell Extension Hook 

Creating a shell extension with C#

About Shell Extension Hook

Working with Shell Extensions in th MSDN

Win7에서 ShellExecuteHooks등록 방법 및 문제점 접근 방법 기술

[중요 글귀]

The IShellExecuteHook Interface Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), Microsoft has “turned off” this COM interface for Windows Vista™ since the older hooks crashing the Windows Vista™ Shell. The interface can be turned on by the following setting:


EnableShellExecuteHooks=1 (DWORD)


EnableShellExecuteHooks=1 (DWORD)    

What’s sad is that Microsoft isn’t offering any alternatives. However, there appears turning points, because an alternative to writing a IShellExecuteHook DLL is to hook the ShellExecute(), ShellExecuteEx() and IsUserAnAdmin()Function

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